Bukhara is an alcohol free establishment


Bukhara has arrived in Manchester with a reputation for producing and cultivating some classic dishes. Among them are the Chilman Biryani, Roast Leg of Lamb, and the Thai Mango Salad. Try them on your next visit.

Chilman Biryani

First introduced to the Bukhara menu in 2014 the Chilman Biryani is a unique twist on a sub-continent favourite. Combining a tender crispy puff pastry hiding a burgeoning rice portion flavoured with saffron and rose water. It has become the ultimate main course choice at Bukhara. The Bukhara Chilman Biryani is a packaged surprise with a taste that appeals to the senses, for which you will come back to time and again..

Roast Leg of Lamb

The perfection that is the Bukhara Roast Leg of Lamb can only truly be appreciated in your first melt in the mouth experience. The careful and precise preparation, often taking 24 hours, as the lamb is marinated in spices and then gently roasted in the oven is perhaps the reason why the taste is distinctive. Lamb is luxury, the Bukhara Leg of Lamb takes luxury to the next level.

Thai Mango Salad

There are salads. There are mango salads. But there is only one Bukhara Thai Mango Salad. It’s no secret that the secret is in the tangy and sweet sauce dressing. Alongside the julienne cut mangoes is an arrangement of capsicum, carrots and onions to pleasure the taste buds. The succulent taste of the Thai Mango Salad is the ultimate starter at Bukhara.

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